The emotional and financial reasons to owning a house

It is a normal thing that a family will own a house where they can build and established their own family. I was lucky enough to be provided a house by my parents even if it is not a beautiful one as it is not constructed by an engineer but my father himself and our relatives. It was then improved by my brothers when they have the tools needed. It is where we can go and do what we can do. In our minds, it is normal for a family to own a home.

That fixed idea was broken when I went to some other place and realize that others do not have their own home. Also when I went to college, I have to rent a room where I can stay. At that time also I learned that many people are just renting and they do not have their own house even if they have their own work or business. It seems it is increasing as time passes by the number of those renting a place to live.

In the above infographic, it is presented the five financial reasons that let you choose to have your own home and at the other column is where it is presented the emotional reasons why you should have your own home, hop over here. In other countries, some choose to live in cars, vans or recreational vehicles so they can move where they want to go and it does not require them much.