Economic Crisis: Problem Around the World

Although there are many people who are trying to be rich, there are people who are trampled down and become poor because of economic crisis. Although some nations are advancing, still there is an economic crisis and deterioration. In the Philippines, rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. Why is there such a phenomena in the Philippines? Not only in the Philippines is there an economic crisis but around the world. This is now the worldwide government problem that each leader id trying to solve.

One of the top reasons why economy in the Philippines is very low is that there is a poor execution of labor and economic principles. For example, the prices are so high in some areas but the salary is very low. How can people survive in such a situation? Suppose to be high price but high salary too so that the salary can sustain the living in a month. Poor are poorer and rich are richer. Another reason why the economy is low is that there is a high rate of under/unemployment.

Economic crisis around the world is becoming worse and worse and it seems there is no way to solve it. According to statistics, by 2030, the value of money will increase 5x. How then will the people survive in this situation? Although it is becoming tougher and tougher, people are not afraid of what will happen in the future. Under/unempl0yment rate around the world is also increasing exponentially. There will be worse than this.